CORE             COVER         
Resistance temp. Peak       650 °C              650 °C
Tenacity                           37,0 cN/dTex  37,0 cN / dTex
Friction coeff.                       0,18                   0,18
Winch / stopper grip       excellent         excellent
Smoothness                     moderate         moderate
Abrasion res.                    excellent           excellent
Specific weight                1,56 kg/dm      1,56 kg/dm3
Res. To continuous work excellent          excellent
Colors range                     moderate        moderate 


Maneuvers with extreme ratio
Friction / Load / Temperature

- PBO inserts to maximize resistance to tearing, heat and abrasion





        CORE           DYNEEMA SK99  XTR   

The creep is totally absent of this fiber; this, combined with a tenacity of 37 cn / dTex and a module of 1720 cN / dTex, allow the construction of an extremely resistant but above all extremely reactive line, dedicated to maneuvers subjected to high static and dynamic loads.
The specific weight of 1,56 kg / dm3 means that the rope is heavier than a Dyneema rope, however the melting point of 650 °C allows unthinkable applications for the latter; the protective treatment with a mix of polyurethane resins makes it water-repellent and highly resistant to wear.
The hot per-streatch treatment called XTR takes the diameter / load ratio to the extreme by reducing the section and increasing the breaking load at the same time.

       COVER                     PBO ZYLON              

It is a highly technical cover dedicated to extreme loads, temperatures and frictions.
The cover is made of 100% PBO Zylon, taking the resistance to abrasion and high temperatures generated by very strong friction during the change of maneuvers beyond all limits.
The tolerance point at high temperatures is extreme with resistance to peaks of 650 ° C.
The friction coefficient of 0.18 makes it extremely efficiency both in the hand and on winches and stoppers.
The tenacity of the cover of 37.0 cN / dTex guarantees extreme efficiency on winches and chokes.
The color range is limited to a single color.

 Diameter     mm  6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 18 20
Breacking load daN  2.200   3.500   4.750   5.750   6.600   8.640   10.500   11.550   12.830   14.100   17.300   21.100 
Weight  gr/mt  30,3 45,5 59,0 73,3 82,0 105,0 120,5 139,5 160,0 209,0 264,0 330,0

The average values ​​indicated are obtained from the laboratory tests Welcome to new buds and can be changed without notice. Other diameters are available on request. The static load of the rope must not exceed 20% of the breaking loads indicated in the table. The knot affects the breaking load with reductions of up to 60%. The splice increases the diameter by approximately 1.5 times. Exposure to atmospheric agents determines reductions in the breaking loads of the buds, depending on the intensity and duration of the same and also on the composition and construction of the product.


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